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I like

Making stuff

Fleets of popsicle-stick spaceships, bike ramps from scrap wood, stick-figure-ninja comic books, stop-motion animations, written stories, songs, motion graphic videos. All things I used to, or currently spend my time making.

Now I am an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, studying Computer Science. This has made programming my newest make-medium.


I've always loved watching movies, especially the behind-the-scenes extras. I would love to dedicate more of my time to film, and learn more pre through post production. I am looking to gain more experience, especially in directing.


I have learned most of what I know from free resources, whether it is online, at public libraries, or community programs, and I wouldn't be who I am or where I am without those oportunities. But not everyone gets those same opportunities or resources. So I like to help with initiatives involving free and accessible education. I think it is essential to make sure no one is put at a disadvantage or has barriers to access education.

Right now, I am working on Seven Mile Coding, a project I started to increase computer programming education in Detroit. You can learn more about it here.

Eating candy

I am trying to limit myself nowadays, but it is not unusual, given the oportunity, for me to eat 3lbs or more of sour patch kids in a couple days.